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I hate charcoal. and 8 page final papers. And having to use slides… - Erika and Kate Bash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Erika and Kate rule

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[Nov. 23rd, 2003|01:19 pm]
Erika and Kate rule
[I feel: |gah]
[Bashin' to: |The Eagles - Hotel California]

I hate charcoal. and 8 page final papers. And having to use slides for a color drawing presentation. and painting crits at 8:15 am!

From: alk3pnk
2003-11-23 10:32 am (UTC)

good points..

yes i agree..charcoal should be banned from existence..unless its being used to light barbeques than thats ok...but not for art...and final papers should be like 3 pages..not 8..cause thats torture..which is what college is anyway a huge torture chamber...damn the man!...and crits at 8 am are unecessary....who needs to crit anyway?..its sooo dumb...especially when you sit there through an HOUR of a group crit and you're last and they spend 3 minutes on your work cause class is almost over...stupid mutherfaulkers...grrr!
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From: alk3pnk
2003-11-24 12:10 pm (UTC)
holy crap sack your icon kicks so much butt...haha...."HES THE DEBIL!"..."but momma.."...hahahahaha
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